We believe teachers deserve better. Teachers deserve at least the same level of personalized learning when it comes to their needs as the targeted attention they are expected to provide to their students. In this webinar, we will highlight two professional learning tracks built around:

  1. The National Standards for Quality Online Teaching, and
  2. The Danielson Framework for Teaching Clusters.

Both are in-demand frameworks for schools, districts and state agencies to support online and blended instruction. You will see how the platform "unpacks" the standards and uses a teacher's own reflection to match high-quality, vetted and aligned resources from national, state and local experts to individual needs and strengths. This approach puts teachers on a path toward improving their practice because teachers get what they need when they need it.

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About 2gnoMe (To know me)

Since 2016, 2gnoMe is a powerful cloud platform that puts teachers in the middle of their professional learning experience. 2gnoMe doesn’t create new PD content and resources; our platform makes existing resources work better!

This is a series of webinars meant specifically to engage educational leaders in a conversation about improving professional learning for their teachers. Most calls are unmuted because we welcome feedback and participation.  Current users and partners may drop by from time to time to share their insight.


The advantage of having a system that is content agnostic is that we can select from the best of all types of professional learning, and the system stiches it all together."

Troy Lange, Executive Director, Colorado River BOCES


“Meaningful Intelligent Professional Learning”

Rachelle Dene Poth (Educator)


“2gnoMe is one of the most well designed and user-friendly technologies that I have ever used.”

Pelin Bicen (Teacher)

Please take 2 min to watch our short explainer cartoon (Sir Ken Robinson's mastery it is not but we tried)


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